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My priority is helping you reach your goals.

I began working with families in 2006 as a volunteer with La Leche League Canada after having benefiting from the organization's support with my own three children.  From there, my passion for helping new families grew and I began working towards becoming an IBCLC.  Since achieving my IBCLC credential in 2010, I have remained active in various volunteer roles including a La Leche League Canada Leader, Board of Directors of the Quebec Lactation Consultant's Association, Lactation Equity Action Committee, as well as other organizations.

Knowledge, skill, and experience

With over a decade of experience working with families, I am a highly skilled and experienced Lactation Consultant providing care for all types of situations whether it is basic education, reassurance, or clinical care for complex situations.  Serving greater Montreal, my mission is to help new parents achieve their goals and adjust to parenthood.


Lactation is as much art as it is science.  In addition to drawing on the research that guides practice, sometimes we must get creative in order to find the best solution. There is no one right way.  It's about figuring out what works best for each family.  

Inclusive Practice

I am committed to offering care that is inclusive to all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, size, disability, socioeconomic status, family makeup, etc.  I am committed to doing my best to make you feel safe, validated, and respected.

Tongue and Lip-Tie Expertise

While I deal with all sorts of infant feeding problems, a large portion of my clients are those seeking help for oral restrictions.  In response to this demand, I have spent a great deal of time and energy perfecting my skills in this area.  I have been very active in the field, including providing education and mentorship to other professionals and serving on the Board of Directors of the International Affiliation of Tongue-tie Professionals (IATP).  I am a member of the International Consortium of Oral Ankylofrenula Professionals (ICAP).

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