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I'm glad you found me!  I am an IBCLC Lactation Consultant with over a decade of experience.  My evidence based approach is holistic, compassionate and directed by your goals.  I provide the  following services:

  • Clinical care and education to families

  • Education and training to peer-support volunteers and healthcare professionals

  • Mentorship to new and aspiring IBCLCs and other health care professionals

  • Policy guidance to professionals, organizations, and businesses.

I began working with families in 2006 as a Leader with La Leche League Canada after having benefited from their support with my children.  From there, my passion for helping new families grew and I began working towards becoming an IBCLC.

With over a decade of experience working with families, I am a highly skilled and experienced Lactation Consultant providing care for all types of situations whether it is basic education, reassurance, or clinical care for complex situations.  Serving greater Montreal and beyond, my mission is to help new parents achieve their goals and adjust to parenthood. I am committed to offering care that is inclusive to all individuals.

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