Are IBCLC services covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not reimburse for IBCLC services, though I have had a few clients whose claims were accepted.  Its best to contact your insurance company to find out.  Direct payment to me is expected at the time of consult (cash or e-transfer preferred).

How many appointments will I need?

Each case is unique and it is impossible to predict how quickly things will resolve.  Most clients need between 1 and 3 appointments.  If the ability to pay is a barrier to getting the care you need, please talk to me about it.

How should I prepare for the consult?

  1. Please complete and return the intake form.  Instructions will be provided to you when you book your appointment.

  2. Our visit will last at least 2 hours.  So please make sure you've had a rest and something to eat before.

  3. Please have the following items ready:  Health Record (blue "Carnet de Santé"), light blanket, clean diaper and wipes.  If you are using any of the following, please also have them ready for me to see: nipple cream/ointment, medication, nipple shield, breast pump, feeding cups, syringes, tubes, bottles, etc., enough expressed breastmilk or formula for a typical feeding.

  4. Please try to avoid feeding baby or pumping within the hour before the consult time.  Its important that baby be interested in feeding soon after we start.  Plan to have a "good feed" that ends about an hour before the consult time.