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Conferences and workshops for families, volunteers and professionals.

  • In person or by webinar

  • CERPs/CEUs

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"Sleeping Like a Baby"

What does that Even Mean?

It is nearly impossible to talk about infant feeding without also talking about sleep since the two are so closely intertwined.  In today’s modern society, there is great conflict between how we think babies sleep and how they actually sleep.  This conflict causes great stress to parents and challenges to the professionals trying to support them.

But why do these conflicts exist and how can professionals help families cope?  This presentation explores how sleep culture has evolved over time, informs on biologically normal sleep patterns for both infants and adults, as well as gives professionals tools to guide families towards safe sleep and to cope with normal infant sleep patterns.


After this training, participants will have a better understanding of the following:

  • Differences in biologically normal sleep for adults and infants

  • Impact of modern lifestyle on sleep

  • Conflict between biological norms and societal beliefs / cultural expectations

  • Popular sleep training regimes

  • SIDS, SUDI, Infant sleep safety

Supporting parents to cope with normal infant sleep patterns.

2hrs (For volunteers & professionals)

Breastfeeding in all Its Forms:

Supporting Families When Supplements are Used

After completing this training, participants will:

  • Better understand the varied experiences of parents who used supplements

  • Be familiar with the clinical indications for supplementation.

  • Will have a better understanding of breast pumps and their use

  • Will have increased knowledge on reducing risks and better understand how to choose and use a supplement while reducing risks

  • Have increased competence in supporting families in emergency situations

  • Will understand how to apply the WHO Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Supplements to their work supporting families using supplements

  • Will have improved counselling skills on supporting families who give supplements to their baby without judgement.

2hrs (For volunteers & professionals)

Understanding Tongue-tie and Lip-tie to Better Support Families

After completing this training, participants will:

  • Will have a better understanding of ankyloglossia

  • Will understand the impact of ankyloglossia on lactation and breast/chest feeding

  • Will be able to recognize when an evaluation by a health care professional is required

  • Will understand the role of volunteer peer supporters in cases of ankyloglossia

  • Will be better equipped to support parents facing ankyloglossia.

2hrs (For volunteers)

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