Postnatal Consultation

$190+tax 2h

Congratulations!  Your baby is here!

Are you feeling a bit unsure and want to have things checked out?  Or maybe things are a lot harder than you expected and you are in pain or are struggling to help your baby get enough milk.

Whether you just want a check-up or are experiencing significant difficulty, a Postnatal Consultation can give you the best chance of meeting your goals.

After completing a full evaluation, together we will work on various strategies to improve breastfeeding and I will help you make a plan to get things back on track.


$95+tax 1h

Review and adjust care plan as you progress, answer further questions.  Follow-up consultations vary in duration (usually 1-2 hours) and will be billed at $75/h.

Telephone Follow-up

$47.50.+tax 0.5h

Review care plan and answer minor questions related to established plan.

Conveniently located near Côte-Vertu metro Station.