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I'm glad you found me!  I am an IBCLC Lactation Consultant with over a decade of experience.  My evidence based approach is holistic, compassionate and directed by your goals.

What's an IBCLC?


An IBCLC is the only clinician whose sole focus is human lactation and infant feeding. An IBCLCs knowledge is very specialized and runs very deep.  IBCLCs are the gold standard in lactation care!

Telehealth for Parents

$50 Deposit required

prenatal lesbian_edited.jpg

Private Class

Prepare for success!

Everything you need to prepare for nursing and beyond!

  • Getting started and what's normal and what's not

  • Common challenges and solutions

  • and much more!

3hrs $200+tx​

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Education or evaluation & plan

  • Specific concerns or difficulty with a previous baby

  • Induced lactation (adoption, surrogacy, co-nursing)

  • Want to be well prepared

2hrs $200+tx​

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Evaluation & plan

  • Position & latch

  • Pain, wounds, infections

  • Low milk supply, low weight gain

2hrs $200+tx​



Continued Care

Improvement takes time. Most clients need 1-2 follow-ups.

  • Monitoring and adjustment

  • Help with baby's changing needs, back to work, weaning

2hrs $200+tx​

Professional Services



Classes, conferences, and trainings

  • Families

  • Volunteers

  • Professionals - CEUs available!



Mentorship for aspiring and new IBCLCs

  • Pathway 3 mentorship

  • Informal clinical mentorship for Pathway 1 candidates

  • Lactation business coaching

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Advisory Services

  • WHO Code compliance

  • Ensuring your business supports nursing families

  • Peer-support volunteer competency

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